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Totally Tint-worthy: The Power of Colourful Eyewear In Vancouver

A perfect pop of colour – yes please! Not to toot our own horn, but we consider ourselves colour wizards of sorts. What does that mean, you ask? Read on – trust us, your eyewear will thank you!

The Webster’s Dictionary describes tint as ‘a shade or variety of colour’ - we define it as putting the fun in eyewear! The tints we use are as one of a kind as our frames. How you ask? With a little dose of magic and a healthy touch of skill, we are able to completely alter not only the colour of select pieces - but we can also change a frame’s overall appearance, making it a completely customized frame. Pretty cool, eh?

Feeling inspired? Take the plunge. Pop by our sweet little Gastown studio, and chat with our tint expert, Dana. Tell us your vision for your frames (pun totally intended!), and we can help make your optical dreams a reality.

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Bespoke: Picture Perfect Eyewear

For those who might be on the fence - why is one of a kind, handmade eyewear worth the investment?

Anyone who wears glasses already knows how much a statement your frames make. Even more so than the clothes you wear, they step in the room before you do. Wearing glasses can also be an awkward experience for a lot of us. There are many stigmas attached. Many self-imposed. Comfort and style are so important when it comes to making the decision about your frames.

When you make the investment in eyewear made just for you, you make an investment in yourself. Any unwarranted fears fade and a sense of self-confidence replaces them. Plus you look damn fine wearing them. They’re unique, just like you. They’re yours!

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