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Meet Charles Zuckermann

Charles Zuckermann bespoke eyewear Vancouver

A proud Vancouverite, a professional photographer, a longtime friend, and a loyal client of Mosh Framemakers.  We took some time to chat about inspired creativity, his experience at Mosh, his unique collection of one of a kind frames – and why handmade eyewear is worth the investment.  Read on!


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

This is always a tough one for me.  I never know what to say.  I am a Montreal expat who’s made his home in Vancouver for over 30 years.  I am a portrait & commercial photographer, and the proud dad of a 23-year old man.

I like honest people, great food, good conversation and all the creative arts.  And yes, I like long walks on Kits beach at sunset.  I‘m just an old fashioned guy revelling in a modern world.

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Charles Zuckermann

How would you describe your individual style and personality?

My style is like my personality, simple but statement making.  I am not a label guy, but I love sleek lines and quality design.

I am an outgoing and gregarious person, but I don’t like talking about myself.  I let my style and body of work speak for me.  Each pair of my Mosh frames does this perfectly.  Because hey, they were designed for me!  Sara has inexplicable ability to capture the particular personality of each person she makes frames for.  I am no exception.


How did you meet our visionary and owner, Sara Moshurchak, and become introduced to Mosh Framemakers?

A mutual friend introduced us some years back when I was running a digital marketing agency.  In the beginning my team was assisting what was then known as Eyeland Framemakers, with their social media strategies.  Sara and the team caught on quick and our role became obsolete, as it became obvious that the creative energy in house was doing a far superior job.

Through out the entire experience Sara and I became friends, which isn’t hard, because she’s such a beautiful and generous soul.  I have such a great respect for her as both a fabulous human and as a creative artist.

Charles Zuckermann and Sara Moshurchak

How many pairs of MOSH frames do you currently own?

I own 3 pairs of handmade Mosh frames that I helped in designing, alongside Sara’s expertise and vision. 2 pairs of regular glasses and one pair of sunnies.  All of them…. head turners!


What is your favoUrite pair of Mosh Frames and why?  What is the inspiration, or story behind the frame?

No questions asked, my Mosh1967’s.  A classic, thick black framed pair that is curved to wrap around my face.  Other than that, they’re all angle.

I wanted frames that would play off the curves of my bald head, and make a bold statement - but I didn’t want anything too over the top.  A fun twist on old classic and my favourite frame!

Charles in his MOSH1967's

Charles in his MOSH1967's

What has been your experience in working with Sara, and the Mosh Team?

Sadly, my words won’t do it justice.  You have to have the experience of developing and designing your frames with Sara and the team to really know what it’s like.  It’s truly one of a kind.

Sara’s a real listener who takes it all in.  She really wants a sense of you, before she starts work on your frames.  The whole experience is so personal.  Sara is genuine, so like your frames each experience is designed just for you.


For those who might be on the fence - why is one of a kind, handmade eyewear worth the investment?

Anyone who wears glasses already knows how much a statement your frames make.  Even more so than the clothes you wear, they step in the room before you do.  Wearing glasses can also be an awkward experience for a lot of us.  There are many stigmas attached.  Many self-imposed.  Comfort and style are so important when it comes to making the decision about your frames.

When you make the investment in eyewear made just for you, you make an investment in yourself.  Any unwarranted fears fade and a sense of self-confidence replaces them.  Plus you look damn fine wearing them.  They’re unique, just like you.  They’re yours!

Handcrafted eyewear Vancouver bespoke

Why would you recommend MOSH Framemakers to friends, family, and colleagues?

I do all the time.  Almost every day I am asked where I got my frames.  I think that speaks for itself!


To picture perfect, one of a kind frames!
- Sara, and the Mosh Team

WRITTEN BY: Laura vanderzalm