Totally Tint-worthy: The Power of Colourful Eyewear In Vancouver


A perfect pop of colour – yes please! Not to toot our own horn, but we consider ourselves colour wizards of sorts. What does that mean, you ask? Read on – trust us, your eyewear will thank you!

The Webster’s Dictionary describes tint as ‘a shade or variety of colour’ - we define it as putting the fun in eyewear! The tints we use are as one of a kind as our frames. How you ask? With a little dose of magic and a healthy touch of skill, we are able to completely alter not only the colour of select pieces - but we can also change a frame’s overall appearance, making it a completely customized frame. Pretty cool, eh?

A Tint That’s Visionary

Sara first began the creation of her very own tint mixtures during the early days of her frame making journey. On her quest for the perfect colours that not are not only one of a kind, but long lasting and effective – Sara connected with a top-secret facility that offers an unbelievable selection of dyes, that have a strong affinity for the cotton fibres found in acetate. A match made in optical heaven for the frames we design, craft & tint by hand!

50 Shades of Inspiration


Dana has now taken over as our in-house colour expert.  From ombré to tone-on-tone, all over shades, to colour blocking – she is a tint-tastic optical pro. Check out a sampling of her work – you’ll see how a creative eye and colour mixing talent can change the style and feel of a frame:

  • This custom frame started out as a completely crystal clear.  After a consultation with the client, we thought it needed a bit of colour to bring more life to the piece: a light fleshy pink colour was our starting point. Eventually deciding on a brighter pink, we enhanced the previous shade by adding a nice rich rose gradient. The client was thrilled with the stunning transformation!

  • This particular piece started out as a funky black and white pattern, but we thought it needed to be kicked up onto the next level. Dana used two colours to achieve this colour conversion: a dark kelly green morphing into a fun hot pistachio. A complete transformation for this handcrafted ‘swiss banker’ frame.


Colour Trends

Every wizard has their spellbook - ours is our mind, creating new colours and new trends with each handcrafted custom frame. Dana and Sara take each frame, each person and create a new shade to match what they desire, like true wizards. We are always following the latest trends in colour, to provide our clients the best advice - though we constantly take inspiration from colour trends from previous generations, as they provide a wonderful base for any spell book!


We have plenty of clients who opt to have their handcrafted custom frames created in crystal clear acetate where we can work our colour-magic to find the best shade possible for you.  It doesn’t get more personalized than that!

If you have a light frame and are getting bored with it…. we can have some fun and tint it up! You’ll fool everyone into thinking you got new specs when really, they just got a little makeover.

Feeling inspired? Take the plunge. Pop by our sweet little Gastown studio, and chat with our tint expert, Dana. Tell us your vision for your frames (pun totally intended!), and we can help make your optical dreams a reality.

Written by: Dana Dempsey, Laura Vanderzalm and Devon Rai.