Bespoke: Prairie Wheat Eyewear

Custom eyewear wheat eyeglasses

The inspiration

These were commissioned by our client Joey for his fiancé, Sandra.  He wanted her to have something special for their upcoming wedding and explained to me the significance of this piece: 

Sandra's family has a farm in Saskatchewan and her father had recently passed away, so Joey had an idea to create a frame using some of the wheat from the farm pressed into the frame so Sandra's father could be with her as she walked down the aisle on her wedding day.

Joey attended to all of the details: he designed this shape for her and wanted the final frame to have a rosé-champagne hue.  Stunning.


From the land of the living skies...

Bespoke Eyeglasses Wheat Eyewear

Joey sent us a ziploc bag full of wheat.  We then needed to plot out where to put each individual grain.  

Custom prairie wheat eyeglasses

After mapping out the pattern, we pressed the wheat into the a clear piece of acetate and proceeded to craft the piece.  This frame took 19 steps in the production process, the final one being to tint the frame a rosé-champagne hue.

Bespoke eyeglasses wheat eyeglasses

The last words

This was one of my favourite projects for a few reasons.  The first being that it was an honour to make such a sentimental piece for such an in-love couple, but also because I hail from Saskatchewan and if felt nice to pay homage to my home province. 

Joey was blown away by the final piece and sent me this email:


I’m sure we are in agreement when I say eyeglasses are a necessary medical device.  However, after seeing the frame you crafted for Sandra, for our wedding, I must say for the first time I’m speechless.  There is such an elegance about them.  The lenses are in the process of surfacing so we wait excitedly to see the complete piece.  Never before have eyeglasses had such a profound meaning.  A monolithic sentimental value.  There could not be a greater tribute to the man who helped give the world the most wonderful woman.  Sandra.  My Sandra.

Thank you on behalf of Sandra and myself.  Please pass on these words to everyone involved.  In fact, the words “thank you” isn’t enough.  It is like trying to fit all of the water in the world into a tea cup.

Joey & Sandra”

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