Tax Season, Eye Strain + Task Specific Lenses


That warmer, dryer spring weather may still be a few weeks away for us Canadians, but tax season remains upon us!  It’s that time of the year when you tell the government what you made last year, how much of it you paid in tax, and hope that you’ll get a little something back (fingers crossed!).

The reality is that tax season can be both tedious, and stressful – getting the paperwork right and on time can be daunting and can also be a major strain on your eyes.  Headaches, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain, visual fatigue, and blurred vision are all signs that your eyes are getting far too intense of a workout, and can cause damage from strain over time.

The good news?  A properly designed task specific lens matched to your surroundings will reduce eyestrain, increase productivity, and hopefully make tax season a little less of a headache!  Symptoms of eyestrain can be easily corrected with a pair of special lenses that are designed specifically for the work, or ‘task’ you are performing.

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Task Specific Lenses 


Have you considered a task specific lens?  With a touch of magic and a dose of skill, we can change the design of the lens to two prescription corrections, to allow for a wider field of view.  With two corrections inside of the lens, we can either give you a larger reading zone, or a larger intermediate zone - all depending on your needs - making them the perfect office lenses or computer lenses.

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Who are they for?


Task Specific lenses are especially beneficial if you work in a room or at a desk.  We’ve gotten great feedback from clients who are teachers, nurses, artists, architects, accountants and even a pianist.  Anyone who spends lots of time staring at a computer, tablet, digital device, or reading and sorting intently through paperwork (hello, tax season!) will find these lenses extremely helpful.  

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Raise your hand if you want your taxes filed as quickly and painlessly as possible.  We hear you loud and clear!  Allow us to help you feel more energized through tax season and beyond.  We are more than just one of a kind frames, and are proud to offer an abundance of the highest quality lens options within the industry.  Pop by our Gastown eyeglass store to learn more about how task-based lenses may be of benefit to you, or a loved one.

Here’s to a big, juicy tax return and happy, strain-free eyes!

– Sara, & the Mosh Team