DANA and her dazzle + delight


Introducing the latest design to our handcrafted eyeglasses MOSH collection, the Dazzle + Delight designed by Sara's apprentice, the delightful Dana Dempsey! 

Handcrafted eyeglasses Vancouver MOSH

This is Dana's very first design from thought, to sketch, to revisions, to pattern, to more revisions, to production and to the final piece!  She designed this cat-eye eyeglass along a horizontal line with funky, swooping contours finishing in a sharp point at the edges.

Handcrafted eyeglasses Vancouver MOSH

After choosing this gorgeous jade-coloured material from our collection of pieces, Dana pulled out the lighter neutral tones in the front by custom tinting the temples into a light, peachy blush.  I love the mix-and-match - it creates tension - and makes the piece really interesting.

MOSHdesigns are artisanal, handcrafted eyeglasses by Sara Moshurchak - one of 3 female framemakers in the world - right here in her studio in Gastown, Vancouver.

Each pair is one of a kind, just like you.