The Inspiration

Hair of the dog...

There is nothing truer in this world than the love of a good dog.  For anyone who has grown up with pets in their house, you know how special these little companions are.  They truly are man's best friend.  While their life in years may be shorter than us humans - the joy, the unconditional love, and the one of a kind memories they imprint on our hearts, resonates for a lifetime.

Custom Dog Eyeglasses It's Still A Dog's Life

Meet Lillou - one of the sweetest pups to ever enter our Gastown optical shop with her wonderful owner, Tracy.  Lillou first met Tracy and her partner Louise as her groomer at her Vancouver shop, ‘It’s Still a Dog's Life’.  After developing an uncanny bond and the original owners unable to continue care for her, Tracy and Louise eventually adopted her into the family.  Caring, kind and an important member of the groomer shop, Lillou spent years coming to work with them, sleeping on the desk and cuddling with other canine-owning clients, while their furry friends were being pampered.

Lillou is kind, trusting, adventurous, and sweet beyond belief.  Paddle boarding (so cool, right?) and exploring new terrain on walks around the city are two of her favourite pastimes.  She has been a wonderful addition to Tracy and Louise’s family for over fifteen years, and is as friendly as she is cute.


The Frame

Artisanal Dog Hair Eyeglasses - Handcrafted in Vancouver.JPG

Looking for a way to honour her beloved pet, Tracy saw a segment on Global TV that featured our handcrafted one of a kind bespoke eyewear and was intrigued.  She visited our optical boutique, and after consultation, worked closely with Sara on creating a unique frame that represented Lillou’s sweet yet spunky personality.  “We never felt rushed to make decisions on style, colour, or design”, explains Tracy, “Sara emanated confidence in her craft - guiding us, and explaining the entire process - before and during - the frames being created.  Her team was equally enthusiastic and helpful with the process.”

Portfolio - Dog Eyewear - Tracy Lipsman (01).jpg

At Mosh, creating frames with unique meaning are our favourite and most memorable projects - one of a kind custom eyewear that reflects the unique experiences of one of a kind individuals, is our passion.  Working closely with Tracy, we are so proud to have designed a truly distinct frame that honours little Lillou.

Because our frames are handmade from scratch – we are to able collaborate with our clients on every detail from fit, style, shape, tint, color and finish.  Our favorite one of a kind detail on this frame?  We laminated some of Lillou’s precious fur right into the frame itself, a touching tribute for a very special dog.

Bespoke Dog Eyeglasses Handmade in Canada

Most importantly, what does Tracy love about her new eyewear?  “To be honest, I love them because they represent Lillou.  I am always flattered by the comments on my glasses, they stand out and then I get to surprise people with how they were made.  As it all turned out, I get to wear amazing glasses that allowed me to see beautiful Lillou even better.”

Custom Dog Hair Eyeglasses - Handcrafted in Vancouver.JPG

If you’re on the hunt for a frame that honours a pet, a milestone, a passion or a precious moment in time – be sure to pop by our Vancouver optical shop with any questions, thoughts or ideas you may have.  As home to one of only three female framemakers across the globe to craft frames from scratch, by hand: with our skill, and your imagination – we can work together to create a truly one of a kind frame.

– Sara, & the Mosh Team