BE THERE. LINDBERG SHOWCASE EVENT - fall/winter 2018 collection


5 Reasons to become a devoted Lindberg wearer:

Lindberg Eyeglasses Vancouver

1.    Revolutionary Engineering

What makes a Lindberg so world class?  Their frames are strong, flexible and incredibly resilient.  They have truly revolutionized the eyewear design game.  You won’t find any rivets, screws, welds, or soldering in any pair of frames – making the structure of the frame itself less breakable.


2.    Lightweight Design

Say goodbye to heavy eyewear that slides down your nose, pinches at the ears, or wears out at the hinges.  With its award-winning (84 International awards to be exact!) and rivet-less design, the brand has managed continually out due itself by producing frames that are among the lightest, and most comfortable in the world.  Their ultra-light, rimless design weighs less than two grams – hello light as a feather eyewear! 

Lindberg now Vancouver

3.   looks before logos

Lindberg doesn't need their logo stamped all over their eyewear.  Their designs speak for themselves, and are worn by the most discerning and stylish clientele all over the world.  Once you are 'in the know', you'll spot Lindberg eyewear everywhere.

4.    Individually Crafted

No carbon copies here!  Each and every Lindberg frame is made to order.  Combining unique materials, production technologies that have been independently developed, and the best of individual craftsmanship.  Each frame is customized to meet your specific preferences, unique measurements; then hand-finished and individually numbered, to boot.


5.    Timeless + Sophisticated

Trends come and go, but a Lindberg is forever.  If you are looking for a frame that is as distinct as it is classic, you have come to the right place.  Paying no attention to gimmicks or fads, Lindberg offers a diverse collection of frames that never go out of style.  With an ultra-minimalistic appearance, your vision will not be obstructed.  Not to the mention quality of every frame will last for many years to come.


Be sure to visit MOSH Framemakers for our upcoming Lindberg event as we will be transformed into a Lindberg showroom.  Experience the brand's diverse selection styles for both men, women and kids (optical and sunglasses), and our expertise in helping you find your perfect frame:

Thursday September 13    ••    10am - 6pm
Friday September 14    ••    10am - 6pm
Saturday September 15    ••    11am - 5pm

'SEE' you soon!

WRITTEN BY: Laura vanderzalm + Sara moshurchak