New Intelligent Lenses by Shamir


Shamir Autograph Intelligence – designed to match your visual age

Just this week, Shamir announced their latest progressive lens design using new cutting-edge technology (we heard a rumour that the other lens companies were curiously loitering around the Shamir booth at the last big optical fair wondering what it could possibly be).  Here’s the tech-talk about what they’ve designed:

Intelligent Digital Progressive Lenses by Shamir

Current Technology

The latest technology that we have been using to customize a progressive lens design is to take a series of extra measurements on how the frame fits you:

  • how far away it sits from your face

  • the tilt angle of the frames on you

  • and the curvature of the frame 

These measurements are then sent to the lab to personalize your lenses.  This “one design” concept provides everyone with the same solution.

Fig 1.png

Shamir asked themselves: would 2 people using the same frame but different ages use the lens in the same way?

Shamir set out to see if this was true.  They looked at the visual behaviours and preferences of people of all ages who wear progressive lenses – taking into account their VISUAL AGE.  (Visual age refers to the physiological age of the eye - the required reading correction - and is generally correlated with your chronological age).

The Research

Shamir analyzed the visual behaviour of people between the ages of 40 and 80 by examining the different vision zones (near vision, digital vision, intermediate vision and far distance vision), their frequency of use, and how often they would switch from one vision zone to another.

What Shamir learned:

  1. People in the early stages of presbyopia (ages 40-45) are on a digital device often and are constantly switching between vision zones.

  2. People who have been wearing progressives for a few years (ages 50-55) need a more balanced approach as all vision zones hold an approximate level of importance.

  3. People who are advanced in their presbyopia (ages 60+) mostly use their distance and reading vision zones.

Fig 2.png

Shamir has found that there is a link between your vision needs and your Visual Age and that each Visual Age has different preferences.


The Solution

Shamir’s Autograph Intelligence closes the gap between your visual needs required for your Visual Age.  It is their most innovative and intelligent lens design and uses 12 unique design concepts to give you the best vision possible.

Fig 4.png

This revolutionary progressive lens design is available in all materials, transitions, polarized and with a blue light filter.  Are you ready to have an intelligent lens?

WRITTEN BY: sara moshurchak