A new lens has been developed for first time progressive wearers by our favourite optical brand, Shamir – and we can hardly contain our excitement. If you have have a prescription ‘ADD’ of +0.75 to +1.50, this lens has been made with you in mind! Read on, eyewear lovers, read on…

Progressive lenses Vancouver

Presbyopia & Your Eyesight

FirstPAL (Progressive Addition Lens), is a Life Improvement Lens. I mean it - wearing progressive lenses can change your life! This lens is a unique optical solution for young presbyopes. What is presbyopia though? It is the normal loss of near focusing ability that occurs with age. Most people begin to notice the effects of presbyopia sometime after 40, when they start having trouble seeing small print clearly – like the words on a blog post, articles in the newspaper, or text messages on their phone.

While presbyopia is an age-related process, earlier onset is on the rise – largely due to the toll that tablets, laptops and mobile devices have taken on our precious eyes.

If you find you are experiencing symptoms of presbyopia and you are between the ages of 38 and 44, FirstPAL may be the perfect solution for you!

Shamir FirstPAL progressive lenses

Treatment: FirstPAL 

Eyeglasses with a progressive lens are the most popular solution for presbyopia for most people over age 40. These line-free multifocal lenses restore near vision, and provide excellent vision at all distances, regardless of what other vision difficulties you may have in addition to presbyopia.

What makes FirstPAL so great is that these lenses are progressives, specifically designed for the first-time wearer whose reading or near vision correction isn’t too strong yet. Even better? The price point is incredible, around $150 less than a comparable progressive designed for a more advanced wearer.

The unique design of this lens makes it easier to enter the world of progressive lenses. With FirstPAL, you will have a wide, comfortable reading zone with exceptionally clear and wide far vision. This brand new lens is an industry-leading, unique optical solution for young presbyopic patients. We are thrilled to have this exciting option available for our wonderful clients.

If this sounds the perfect lens for you, or you are interested in learning more – don’t be shy, pop by our lovely studio for a chat! We would love to discuss the details and answer all your burning questions about all things vision, lenses and FirstPAL. (Sara wears them too!)

- Sara, + the Mosh Team