A Series of (un)Fortunate Events


Our Netflix Debut!  A Series of Unfortunate Events (featuring Neil Patrick Harris) came to us with a very unique request! 

This show is an eyeglass wearers dream!  The disguises Count Olaf wears and the quirky characters all have great eyewear.  When the Prop Masters couldn't find exactly what they are looking for, they found us! 

We were tasked with making half-eye reading secretary glasses for the baby character, ‘Sunny Baudelaire’ played by Presley Smith. 

Tiny glasses for a tiny actress.  They just fit in the palm of my hand.

Image: screenshot from Netflix

Image: screenshot from Netflix

I first made some rough prototypes to get the Director's approval.  After a few shape and size changes, I was ready to make the actual piece.  I created a super small rimless frame chassis from a larger Lindberg chassis and had to hand edge the lenses because they were too small for the edging machine.  (For inquiring minds, the final measurements ended up being A=30, B=13, DBL=10 and temple length 100mm.)

Be sure to check out the new season on Netflix and watch for our Eyewear on Season 2 Episode 1 @ 23:10 - and throughout a few other early episodes.