Bespoke: A Horse of a Different Colour


The Inspiration

“A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it.” - Unknown

Meet Griffin.  A spunky, vivacious Dutch Warm Blood who at just five years old had made the trek from Holland to British Columbia, decades ago.  Owner Karin, a teenager at the time, developed a bond as unique as the horse himself from the day he made a home on her parents’ farm.

Horse Hair Eyewear Bespoke Eyeglasses

What’s not to love about Griffin, he was unlike any other horse.  He was loyal, incredibly smart, as cheeky as they come, and as funny as can be.  Known by those who loved him for his naughty antics and bucking ways, Griffin was a challenge to ride.  With training, patience, and trust – Karin and Griffin rode together for several years that followed, and fostered a sibling-like relationship that was truly one a kind.

Despite Griffin’s unusual physical frame, and free-spirited, ‘can’t be tamed’ personality, he found much success in the riding world.  A show hunter, he competed in various shows and circuits across the Pacific Northwest.  Travelling from British Columbia to the Oregon coast, he garnered recognition for his incredibly powerful jump, unique style and beautiful form.  He spent several years competing and even qualified for the Capital Challenge in Maryland, United States alongside Karin!  Griffin was such a ‘cool dude’, and his sweet yet edgy character is cherished by all those who where lucky to know him.


The Frame

Horse Hair Eyeglasses Custom Eyeglasses Vancouver

As fate would have it, Karin’s mom saw a segment on Global TV that featured our handcrafted, bespoke eyewear.  Intrigued by the unique items Sara has used to design truly one of a kind frames (…. prairie wheat, wedding dress lace, dog hair to name a few!), she purchased a MOSH gift certificate for Karin’s birthday.

Some time had passed, and Karin made the decision to have a custom frame created to memorialize Griffin.  Travelling from Vancouver Island, to our Gastown shop, with hair of from Griffins’ mane in tow, our optical elves got to work and the frame-making magic began!

Horse Hair Eyeglasses

Because our frames are made from scratch – we are able to collaborate with our clients on every small detail to create the perfect frame.  From fit, style, shape, tint, colour and finish – our clients have the freedom of choice.  Our favourite one of a kind detail on this frame?  We laminated some of Griffins’ precious hair right into the frame itself, a touching tribute for a very special horse.


The Experience

“I absolutely love my frames, and it’s hard to pick my favourite quality about them because they just make me so happy.”, explains Karin, “I loved the entire experience in creating them.  On my first visit to the store I spent at least an hour there just chatting with both Sara and Dana about life, sharing my story of my horse and the frames I wanted to have made.  They are so down to earth at Mosh, so friendly and really personable.  Being from the island, they remained in constant contact, giving me updates on my frames and making me feel like a genuine part of the process.  I also just love that the end result was a pair of frames that represent Griffin - who growing up, was my best friend.  He was and is so special to me, and now these frames are too.”

Horse Hair Eyeglasses Handcrafted in Vancouver

At MOSH, creating frames with special meaning are our favourite and most meaningful projects – one of a kind eyewear that reflects the unique experiences of our one of a kind clients, is our passion.  Working alongside Karin to create a shape and design that reflects Griffin was such an honour.

If you’re on the hunt for a frame that honours a pet, a milestone, a passion, or a precious moment in time – be sure to pop by our Vancouver optical shop with any questions, thoughts or ideas you may have.  As home to one of only three female framemakers around the globe to craft eyewear from scratch, by hand – with our skill, and your inspiration, we can work together to create a truly one of a kind frame.


- Sara and the Mosh Team!