New Transitions Technology: Light Intelligent Lenses


Light Intelligent Lenses

If you are an eyeglass wearer, you know all about the constant struggle we have with the big and bright Mr. Sun, especially in the summer!  You carry two pairs with you everywhere you go, switching from sunglasses to regular eyeglasses every time you go from outside to inside. Especially living in Vancouver or British Columbia in general, it’s safe to say we are constantly surrendering to the weather. If you are looking for a cost effective way to have the best of both worlds - boy, do we have some exciting news for you!

Transitions Lenses Gastown

Photochromic lenses, also known as Transitions lenses, change colour when activated by UV light from the sun.  Theses lenses are self-tinting and UV activated and now come in NEW colour options! That’s right! You can now pair your favourite eyeglasses with SEVEN NEW Transitions options on top of their original colours. Protect your eyes against UV and look stylish at the same time? - Hello.


The original Transitions technology.  This latest generation is the fastest changing lens yet and is most reactive in changing temperature conditions.


  • Provides continuous UV protection all day long - protect your eyes against cataracts, photokeratitis, light sensitivity.

  • Cost effective way to have prescription sunwear in your everyday eyewear.

  • Eliminate having to switch between sunglasses and regular eyeglasses.  (Which also means less places to loose eyewear taking them on and off!)

  • Be fashionable & functional!  With the new styles and colours, you can be trendy and practical.

  • Changes faster than ever before - Transition lenses can change from clear to completely dark in a matter of 5 minutes!

  • Filters 1.4x more harmful blue light indoors - compared to clear lenses - and eight times the amount of blue light outdoors.


  • Transition Signature lenses only change about 50% in vehicles because the coatings used in windshields filter out UV light.  

  • Depending on the UV light exposure in your environment, you do not have control over the darkening of your lenses.  If you are in a room with windows where UV light can enter, they will change colour.

For years, Transitions has only been offered in two classic colours: Grey and Brown. A couple of years ago came Graphite Green.


Now, Transitions is available in the following amazing new colours!  We’ve been selling them like hot cakes: 

  • Amber (a high contrast brown infused with a touch of amber)

  • Amethyst (a grey-hued purple)

  • Emerald (a vibrant forest green)

  • Sapphire (a dark navy blue)



“I sure wish they would fully darken in the car...”  If you’ve said this before, then your prayers have been answered.  Transitions is also offered in XTRActive, which are currently only available in Grey.  (But, we know that Brown and Graphite Green are coming really soon.)


  • Works even behind the windshield.

  • Hint of tint always in the lens helps protect against harsh indoor lighting.

  • Filters 2x the amount of harmful blue light indoors - compared to clear lenses - and 8x the amount of blue light outdoors.


  • They do have a slight residual tint to them - even when ‘clear’.

  • A little more in cost - compared to regular Transitions.


TRANSITIONS XTRACtive MIRROR - the coolest way to protect your eyes

While still staying on trend, Transitions has also introduced Mirror Coatings on top of the XTRActive lenses!  While providing hassle free protection from UV and harmful rays of blue light, the mirror fades to a light reflection with a hint of colour. This is the ultimate lens if you’re going to be outside a lot, with the occasional pop inside.  Transition mirrors are available in:

  • Gold

  • Blue

  • Silver

    (We also heard a rumour that Pink, Red and Green are on their way.  They are already available in Europe so it’s just a matter of time before they get here…)


Looking for something polarized?  We’ve got you covered there too. Transitions Vantage are available Grey.


  • Remove horizontal glare that can bounce back off of certain objects.

  • Sharper Visual Acuity

  • They filter 2x the amount of more harmful blue light indoors - compared to clear lenses - and 6x the amount of blue light outdoors.

  • Great for sports and outdoors.


  • LCD screens can be hard to read - however you can hold your head on a slight tilt, that makes it easier to look at.

  • A little more in cost - compared to regular Transitions.


Everyone should get to experience life in the right light while looking great and protecting your eyes and we would love to help you pick out a pair at our Gastown location.

As a special offer to celebrate all of these new Transitions Lens options, during our:

Etnia Barcelona Trunk Show

April 10th - 16th

We will be offering a FREE UPGRADE to Transitions on all Shamir lenses.  So if you’ve always wanted a pair, or want to try the new colours - this is the time to do it!

WRITTEN BY: Dana Dempsey
IMAGES + VIDEO PROVIDED BY: Transitions Canada