Wooden Eyewear from BOME: English Walnut


Our friends at BOME wooden eyewear make some pretty cool handmade eyewear.  I especially like this newer wood: English Walnut.  The lighter hue is great if you're looking for unique eyeglasses that are a bit against the trend of thick, dark frames.  I think this colour is fun as it is so uncommon, and it really enhances the grain of the wood.

Bome's model 'Sandy' has it all: a round-ish men's eyeglass with a hint of squareness blended into the bottom corners.

Men's Wooden Eyeglasses Vancouver.JPG

BOME wooden eyeglasses are extremely lightweight and adjustable.  They can be ordered with adjustable nosepads and 2 different temple lengths.  They are also made with metal spring hinges that allow us to adjust for pantoscopic tilt and if you have one ear higher than the other.

Bome Wooden Eyewear Vancouver.JPG

Nothing beats the feeling and look of natural materials.  We have other models and colours in stock of wooden eyeglasses in our Gastown optical store.  Come in to take a look!

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