Super Flexible, Super Light, Super Simple: 4 Reasons you’ll be mad for OVVO Optics


PSA: We have a brand new eyewear collection at MOSH!  Introducing OVVO Optics: durable, flexible and unbelievably light eyeglasses made from surgical steel and titanium.  Here are four reasons why our OVVO obsession is real, and we think you’ll agree!

OVVO Optics Eyewear


#1 - Handmade

If you’re familiar with our brand, you are probably aware of our passion for handmade eyewear.  Making anything by hand requires time, skill, patience, and a little bit of magic - but the result is totally worth it!  At OVVO Optics, it takes from 65 to 85 production steps to create each eye-catching frame.


#2 - Virtually Indestructible

OVVO developed technology to fuse titanium with surgical steel – the result?  Frames with super hero – we’re talking The Hulk meets Wonder Woman - strength.  With a patented screw-free hinge, this eyewear is made to last - the only design on the market that can withstand ninety pounds of force, or even pull a plane!  With less than one percent breakage, you can be confident you’ve invested in a frame that is a durable partner in crime, and vision.

OVVO Optics Eyewear


#3 - Allergy Free

OVVO eyewear is made from hypoallergenic materials surgical steel and titanium.  Sensitive skin?  These could be the frames for you.


#4  - Independent Business

As a small business ourselves, we love to support other small independent eyewear brands across the globe.  OVVO is proudly family-owned and operated, the brand produces their frames only in Europe – laser cut in Germany and assembled in Poland.  They definitely aren’t short on experience either - making frames for over three decades, they know the ins and outs of the trade to ensure top quality frames.

Ovvo 3657 Men Graphite.jpg
Ovvo 3709 Women Red.jpg

We are thrilled to be welcoming an exciting, new collection to our family of frames! For an array of designs for both men and women, be sure to pop by our Gastown eyeglasses shop.  Why wear boring eyewear?  Be noticed.  Be remembered.


- Sara, & the Mosh Framemakers Team