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The Fashion of Colour

Louis Belgium Titanium Eyewear Vancouver

We are so excited to announce the return of LOUIS Belgium to our family of eyewear brands. If you’re on the hunt for insanely colourful metal eyewear, you’ve come to the right place.  With one of the most thoughtful colour selection processes in the industry, we know you’ll be just as excited about the return of this collection as we are!

Louis Hardhead Mens Titanium Eyewear


the character of Colour

Colour is everywhere, and it affects our perceptions of the world around us.  How so?  Well, yellow is often connected to optimism, while orange is considered a cheerful, confident colour.  Shades of purple are perceived as imaginative; greens reflect peace and nature, while hues of red evoke feelings of passion and excitability.  Colour makes a statement, and so should your eyewear!

Studies have shown that 85% of all products are purchased on the basis of colour - artists and designers alike have long understood how colour can affect our emotions, and their powerful effects that can signal action, influence mood and even elicit a physiological response.

Louis Hatchet Round Titanium Eyeglasses
Louis Hunkus Round Titanium Eyewear


Colourful creations

Colour selections are not a task LOUIS takes lightly, and that’s one of the many qualities that make the brand so one of a kind!  Made from titanium, each colour selection and pairing is strategically chosen to make a statement, and start a conversation.

In order to produce the most flattering, eye-catching eyewear, the brand collaborates closely with Francq Colours - a world-renowned trend agency that specializes in colour marketing.  Each and every look that LOUIS creates is inspired by a specific theme, activity or emotion.  The result?  A genuinely intriguing, showstopper frame that both the wearer and their audience are sure to love.

Louis Babine Womens Titanium Eyeglasses



LOUIS Belgium eyewear offers a curiously creative line of two tone frames that add an exciting dose of fun to classic shapes - complimentary for any face.  We dare you to stop by our newly redesigned Gastown optical studio, and try on a frame that embraces new dimensions of colour that reflect your unique personality.


To a vibrant frame and a colourful perspective!

WRITTEN BY: Laura vanderzalm