Carry Some Nature Throughout The World


We are welcoming back our friends at BOME wooden eyewear! They have brought Vancouver a beautiful new wooden eyeglass frame made out of Rosewood & Teak, providing a completely natural look and a great way to showcase your unique style.


This model ‘Siskiyou’ is named after the vast mounting range that sits between southern Oregon and northern California. The wood types of Rosewood and Teak provide a stunning colour portfolio, which gives the sense of playfulness as well as a sense of liveliness. These wooden eyeglasses can brighten up any rainy day, which happens often here in Vancouver.

Siskiyou Mountains.jpeg

BOME wooden eyeglasses are extremely lightweight and adjustable. Nothing beats the feeling and look of natural materials.  We have other models and colours in stock of wooden eyeglasses in our Gastown optical store.  Come in to take a look!

Be noticed.  Be remembered.