Hand crafted



All of MOSH designs are made by hand.  One at a time.  Designed and crafted with love, attention to detail and care, creating a frame you will not find anywhere else in the world.  Yes.  That's right.  No where else in the world.  You deserve something that special.

Nothing compares to the experience of owning a pair of eyewear that is created from your concept, idea, design.  Your piece is “(be)spoken” into reality.  Unlike an off-the-rack or made-to-measure piece, every material, angle, line and detail used to craft your piece is decided upon multiple consultations and fittings with Sara and her team.  Your bespoke eyewear will highlight your best features.  You are only limited by your (and our) creativity. 


A Note from Sara…

Regretfully, we are currently not taking any orders for new bespoke custom pieces at this time as we work through our current massively humbling list of commissions. We have been blessed with enormous success and exposure from some of our private and high-profile TV/movie pieces that our wait list now has a wait list.

Apparently, this is the problem with ‘hand made with love’. We have plenty of love, but we’re running short on the hands.

We are still crafting our MOSHdesigns collection (you can view it here), and please continue to follow us to stay tuned for an update on when we will be accepting new commissioned custom work.


What is bespoke?


The Ultimate

For those with exquisite taste and a desire for only the ultimate custom eyewear, Sara offers an exclusive and rare possibility.  She can design a truly one of a kind pair of glasses, bespoke and custom in every way.  From the frame shape, texture, colour and internal content, this offering is truly one of a kind. Your piece is “(be)spoken” into reality. Unlike an off-the-rack or made-to-measure piece, every material, angle, line and detail used to craft your piece is decided upon multiple consultations and fittings with Sara. 

Dog lovers, horse jumpers, movie directors, prop departments, romantics and art lovers of all kinds have asked Sara to make something special.

And now you can too.

These are very time consuming and rare so there are only so many that can be created per year. If you have a strong desire for something priceless, and a bit of patience, this is it.  

One of a Kind, Just like You.


BESPOKE: From $2,200 CAD


The Process


Tell us what you have in mind.  Do you already know exactly what you want?  Great!  If not, what catches your eye?  What inspires you?  Try on some shapes, gather a few images of eyewear shapes and colours that you love.  This will give us a good place to start.


During your consultation with Sara, we will review your ideas and inspiration images.  We take detailed measurements to establish the frame dimensions.  We sketch out some shapes to nail down the design and size.  Don’t live in Vancouver?  Don’t worry! 90% of our bespoke business is over Skype for clients all over the world.  


We work exclusively in:

  • cellulose acetate plastic (available in an enormous amount of beautiful colours and patterns). We source the off-cuts from Mazzucchelli in Italy. All the high end designer and luxury brands use their material as it is the best to work with through the production cycle and the fitting of the completed frame. We purchase the end pieces that are left over and would normally be thrown away, as all we need is enough to make 1-2 frames.

  • genuine horn (a byproduct from Water Buffalo). Using horn is an old artisan way of making eyewear. Like the original “horn-rimmed” frames: they were really made from horn before plastics were invented. It comes in a variety of blondes, browns and blacks.

pattern making

We create an outline of your frame.  Sometimes, minor changes are needed as we’ve learned that millimeters are miles and that small details matter.  Once the pattern is ready we’ll either have you come in to try it on, or post it to you for a Facetime fitting to refine the sizing.


Once you have approved the design, we get to work handcrafting your frame.  At least 18 steps over a production period of about 6-8 weeks are needed to produce your piece.  Crafting the "first one" of anything takes the most amount of time as it has to be prototyped a couple of times to ensure that everything fits together with the hardware we use.

the final product

Your new bespoke eyewear is ready and you now have something truly unique and one of a kind, just like you.