Hand crafted



All of MOSH designs are made by hand. One at a time. Designed and crafted with love, attention to detail and care, creating a frame you will not find anywhere else in the world. Yes. That's right. No where else in the world. You deserve something that special.



The Ultimate

For those with exquisite taste and a desire for only the ultimate custom eyewear, Sara offers an exclusive and rare possibility. She can design a truly one of a kind pair of glasses, bespoke and custom in every way. From the frame shape, texture, color and internal content, this offering is truly one of a kind.

Dog lovers, horse jumpers, movie directors, romantics and art lovers of all kinds have asked Sara to make something special.

And now you can too.

These are very time consuming and rare so there are only so many that can be created per year. If you have a strong desire for something priceless, and a bit of patience, this is it.  

One of a Kind, Just like You.